PPC Calculator

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How often do you bill your customers?

What is your average monthly revenue per customer?

(The average amount a customer spends with you.)


What is the average number of months a customer stays with you?

Customer Lifetime Revenue


What percentage of revenue are you willing to spend on a marketing channel to acquire a new customer?

(If high growth is your main priority, you will spend a higher percentage of your revenue on the channel. If near-term profits are a greater priority, you will spend less. 5-10% is conservative. 20-30% is aggressive.)


Target Customer Acquisition Cost


What percentage of qualified leads become customers (close rate)?

(The percentage of your sales-qualified leads that your sales team upgraded to paying customers. On average, software companies report a 27% close rate.)


What percentage of web leads are qualified for sales (qualification rate)?

(Not all web leads will be sales-qualified. Some may be junk, some may not fit your target market. On average, software companies report a 36% qualification rate.)


Target Cost Per Lead (CPL)


What percentage of website visitors fill out a form (Conversion Rate)?

(Divide the total number of leads from a campaign by your total clicks from that campaign. On average, software companies report a 7% conversion rate with DigiMar.)


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