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4 Marketing Terms For Nonprofits Explained

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Running a nonprofit organization is both incredibly stressful and highly rewarding. Helping others truly makes all that stress worth it, but it doesn’t hurt when directors let others help them as they do it. In today’s digital world, it’s more important than ever to have a positive web presence, which should be part of any nonprofit marketing strategy.  little girl

Marketing is a crucial part of any business or enterprise, even more so for nonprofits, because their survival and ultimate goal depends on the involvement of others. Read on for four nonprofit marketing terms, explained.

1. Nonprofit Marketing Strategy

A nonprofit marketing strategy is similar to a marketing strategy in general. It establishes a plan for future endeavors in regard to nonprofit marketing, which Investopedia defines as activities that a nonprofit employs to spread their message,, solicit donations and gain volunteers for the cause.

2. Brand and Branding

According to the American Marketing Association, branding involves compiling the entire consumer experience into a collection of ideas and images. The term “brand” refers to an encapsulation of those ideas, whether it’s in a slogan, logo or design/color scheme. Branding is a vital part of the consumer experience today, and it’s a necessary part of any effective nonprofit marketing strategy.

Nonprofit Branding

3. Database Marketing

Database marketing is a marketing approach that harnesses digital technology to design, produce and manage customer data, including information about each one’s characteristics, as well as his or her history with the company. If used in moderation, database marketing can be a highly effective tool for any nonprofit to utilize.

4. Event Marketing

Event marketing is a huge part of running a nonprofit. This term refers to promotional strategies that link a nonprofit to a specific event. Companies might use event marketing to sponsor sports games and the like, but nonprofits can use it to essentially sponsor their own events, raising awareness for their cause.

Every Good Nonprofit Marketing Strategy Includes the Organization’s Ultimate Mission

In the quest to gain more volunteers, better resources and more publicity, nonprofit directors should not forget their underlying mission nor the reason they got involved in their particular cause in the first place. Every good marketing strategy must have at its core the ultimate goal of the organization, as well as a legitimate means to attain it. However the organization directors ultimately decide to do that is up to them, but hiring marketing experts can definitely help.

Setting up a viable marketing strategy might seem overwhelming at first, but it can actually be fairly simple. There are tons of resources online, including this handy list of nonprofit marketing terms, as well as businesses like CadaDia who can help. To reach a much wider audience online and improve your nonprofit’s overall effectiveness, call us today at 480-200-2999.

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