Quite recently Google introduced AdWords users with some new features and updates. One of them is the new Google AdWords UI, which should be officially released next year. At this moment, advertisers can use the “Beta” version and get familiar to the new ways how to get around AdWords.

Even though, for some of AdWords users new UI might feel a bit as a downer and they are using the old version more often, don’t miss the chance to use one of the coolest updates in the new UI.

What’s the update? Of course! New ad extensions “Promotion extensions”. Why it’s cool? Well, we all know that having ad extensions set up in your campaigns can not only help you to stand out from your competitors, but also, it increases your Ad Rank, which leads to better positions and lower CPC. So, if you are selling a product or a service, let people know about your Promotions and Deals that you are running at the moment with these new extensions.
Here is a step by step guide where you can find these new “Promotion extensions” and how to set them up. Ready? Let’s go!

First of all, log into your AdWords account. If you are taken to the old AdWords interface, search for a blue tab at the bottom.

Next step is to go to “Ads and Extensions” tab. You can find it on your right, grey menu, next to “Campaign” and “Ad Group” tabs.

Now, let’s create your first “Promotion extension”! Have you noticed the blue bubble with a plus sign? Go ahead and click on it. Choose “Promotion Extensions” from a drop-down menu and don’t let me stop you here.


Now a new window popped up, here you can choose 1 to ad extension at whole account, only specific campaign or ad group; 2 choose if you would like to create a new extension or use information from existing one; 3 Choose an occasion for your promotion, is it Christmas or Valentine Day’s discount, or from many other types.

Furthermore, there’s an option to choose from monetary and percent discount, or to put in a PROMO code, which sure is saving some space in your ads. Just hover over “Promotion details” and select this option from the drop-down menu. Also, you can set the start and end date for your promotion extensions, which lets you take a breath and will automatically stop showing your Promotion extension after it’s ended.

Don’t’ forget to click “Save” after you completed setting up your Promotion extension. And this is it, you have officially created new Promotion extension!

At first glimpse it might be scary, though no worries, it really takes only few minutes and you can edit, pause or enable extensions at any time. This feature form new AdWords UI can make a difference in your ad performance, so don’t be shy and let people know about promotions that you are running at the time, and get noticed among your competitors. We hope you enjoy this feature as much as we and our clients do.


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