Content creators, whether they are writing advertising copy, rich media content, website landing pages or captivatingly fantastic blog posts need to be able to use every trick at their disposal to create content that converts. Because we are good pals I will share 5 of the most important tips with you.

Getting your attention with so much content out there is one thing. Keeping it is entirely another and then making sure it’s content that converts … wait!

Snap out of it, focus, because I’m about to drop some knowledge that can help you turn your audience into conversions.



  1. Find Your Contents Voice

Understanding the brand and content you are writing for is where you want to start.

Have a brainstorm on what your content is really all about and how it speaks to your audience.

If your product or campaign was a person what kind of person would it be?

Witty, goofy, quirky? Girlfriend, let’s talk about how to make your audience more chilled than an evening with good company, a tub of ice-cream and Netflix.

zooey paul

Paul Rudd, Zooey Deschanel


Cool, alluring, relaxed?  Discuss things as if you were looking out high above a sea of city lights sipping spiced apple Mojitos.


Emily Blunt, Chris Hemsworth


Serious, productive, classic?  Finally, let’s get down to business, increasing your brand’s profile while increasing your Return On Investment is mutually beneficial for both of our business.

eva tom

Tom Hiddleston, Eva Green



Your brand should usually be a reflection of your market segment (but not always, as brands are often aspirational). For example, at DigiMar we want to make our clients feel like rock stars. We are enthusiastic but not sycophantic and we genuinely strive to engage and satisfy with our content and results. Also, we like simple, you like simple. We have a lot in common.

Understanding your market segment’s voice is super important because if it doesn’t ring true your advertising copy will just seem out of touch, fake and cringe worthy.




  1. Use Big Simple Visuals

“Hold up, I clicked on this because you were teaching me to write awesome copy, why do I want to stick pretty pictures on it too, I’m not a 13-year old’s Tumbler!”

Good point, but like it or not we are soon to be a society regressing to the age of the ancient Egyptians, communicating with hieroglyphics, writing on walls and worshiping cats.

You tell me it ain’t the truth!

We are inherently visual, we often don’t even read wheat is right in frost of us, we skyrim and our brains fill in the blanks.

It’s scientifically proven when confronted with:


A written version of an object


A photo of the object


And a stylized icon of the object

The stylized icon is what is retained in subject’s memory for the longest time after viewing. Considering I can’t remember where I parked my car after an hour of shopping, information retention is really important.

So if you want to capture and hold attention you want to punctuate your copy with visuals that would be right at home hanging on an overly proud mom’s fridge.



  1. Getting Emotional


There’s always the one advert that catches you off guard and makes you tear up. Don’t lie, I know it’s happened. And you remember that advert right?

Here lurks the power of memory, engagement, and emotions.

Smells, music and how you are feeling can combine to strengthen how deeply those events are etched in your memory.

The main types of emotion you’ll find are:

Happiness | Makes us share

Anger and Disgust | Makes us Determined and stubborn

Sadness | Makes us empathize

Fright or Surprise | Makes us want to feel safe and supported

Basically the comments section of any YouTube video.

So how to use these in your content and not be the punchline to a joke or the target of the wrong demographics rage? Well, it doesn’t need to be as extreme as the following examples, but you’ll get the idea:

“I like to surprise my clients by wearing a horse head mask during important meetings, I think they like the sense of excitement I bring to the table.”


“Have you ever gotten so frustrated trying to convert leads steam came out of your ears? We can show you how to avoid this.”

Well, it may have been because I laughed too hard while vaping…

“I once cried in the toilets after presenting my quarterly sales results, now DigiMar makes me look like a rockstar at every meeting.”

toilet cry

It was upsetting on several levels.

“You know that feeling when you miscalculate how much muesli to have for breakfast then you can’t move and you question all your life choices? Our content is always light yet filling!”

True story

By using the emotions you form a bond with the people experiencing your content. They can relate to those emotions, and in turn, will be more open to the message you are providing.

The stronger the emotion, the stronger the reaction.




  1. Using the Language of Color

Now I don’t mean using colorful language, but using color as a language of intent in your content.

We put together a little video to show how this works on our brains, moods, and emotions.

By just themselves, colors are open to interpretation, but when combined with a context they are a powerful way of reinforcing your content and adding to the overall weight of the message.


  1. Have a Story to Tell


Advertising, it could be said, is Communication Influenced Psychology. Knowing what to say to whom and how. We are hardwired to enjoy sitting around in the dark and listen to each other’s stories to the flickering of the campfire.


I’m sure it’s a passing fad.


Anyone can rattle off facts and figures, but telling a good story will captivate and engage your audience so they are invested in finding out what you have to say.

The Scholar Joseph Campbell heavily researched the art of fables in our shared cultural psyche and how we unconsciously react to them. It came down to noticing some archetypes that were common to all popular stories and are used in most media to this day.

Starting with a normal situation.

Jill runs a small business, she enjoys selling her boutique pet accessories that are hand made with her infirmed mother and business partner, Agatha, a seamstress by trade.

Untitled design (2)

That is suddenly turned upside down.

The landlord called and he’s increasing her rent, she can’t afford to remain selling to walk in customers alone. Jill is going to have to start selling via E-Commerce, and Digital Marketing to stay viable.

We experience the worst case scenario.

So Jill got her E-Commerce storefront and some digital marketing, but she’s getting the wrong kind of customers, who aren’t buying and costing her a lot in wasted advertising clicks. Maybe going online was a mistake, after all, it’s costing so much just to sell each pet outfit there is hardly any profit to show. If only there was a simpler way.

Then a call to action.

Jill knew she needed to do some research to understand what was going wrong and where to fix it. Jill came across our Digital Marketing website to get some tips from our blog, she saw we are offering no obligation check up’s on digital marketing. Jill wants to take control of her business and her life.

Untitled design

And a triumph over adversity.

Jill decided to contact us for some free advice to figure out what she could improve, we shared some tips on filtering out human fashion as negative keywords, remarketed to people that had visited her sites and similar pet sites, and made sure that advertisements running for the physical location of the store sent only people in her area there. Jill got her campaigns under control and was making a lot more in sales to the right customers. It was no surprise a few weeks later she called back and asked DigiMar to manage her Digital Marketing so she can focus on running her business and spending quality time with her mother.


Or you could write…

We analyze businesses Digital Marketing campaigns, look for areas of improvement, optimize them to better maximize ROI, while adding value on customer focused services that increase revenue while maximizing your brand’s potential growth and reach. We leverage a deep understanding of PPC performance data to make your campaigns succeed. By utilizing multiple channels your success is almost guaranteed with pinpoint logistical accuracy. We understand online advertising and want to help your business achieve greatness in this online world.

We know what we are talking about, we get results. We are the best and you will be too!


Now the second example saved a lot of words, it’s more direct and sounds really important. This should work better and it’s much less patronizing than telling a bedtime story right?

Hold up, it actually says nothing about the company other than, “WE LOOK AT NUMBERS AND MAKE IT GOOD!” It’s also bland, non-specific, generalized. What are the services they offer? How are they adding value? What kind of areas do they look at? What kind of businesses are they taking on as clients? Can a person that isn’t already an expert in these things relate to it? How does it empower the business owner to feel in control?

Telling a story conveys memorable detail and emotional resonance. Although this was a simple story, it conveyed we work with small businesses, we find a solution unique to that business. We can help with E-commerce, paid advertising, Keywords, remarketing, targeted advertising and search marketing by location, that we offer a no obligation check up, and we can make the situation of dealing with Digital Marketing simple and relatable.


We hope you enjoyed these 5 tips for creating content that converts.

Using any 1 of these tips can make content great, using all of them is a potent combination indeed that will cut through the noise and make your message clear and memorable.





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