In a past post, we talked about what addiction recovery centers can do to create a high-quality PPC campaign that delivers real results. But how exactly does PPC marketing benefit addiction recovery centers?

After all, it’s one thing to be told that you should do something, and quite another to understand why you should do it. Hopefully, by understanding the many ways that a well-thought-out PPC campaign can benefit your addiction recovery center, you’ll be more motivated to give this crucial marketing tactic the attention (and budget) it deserves.

1) Speedy Results

One of the greatest advantages PPC marketing has over other digital advertising techniques is how quickly it can produce desired results. If you have a functional website, all you need to do is start running your PPC ads on Google or Bing and you can get new site traffic on the first day of your campaign.

This makes PPC an excellent choice for when you need to get results quickly, such as when you are trying to increase awareness for one of your addiction recovery center’s services or promote the opening of a new facility. This stands in stark contrast to SEO campaigns, which often take months to deliver a meaningful uptick in the number of site visitors you receive.

2) Improved Targeting

How confident are you that your digital marketing messages are truly reaching the right people? With PPC, this doesn’t have to remain a mystery. Google is renowned for its incredibly in-depth targeting options, which allow you to target your audience based on geographic location, language spoken, and even device type!

Even more importantly, keyword targeting ensures that your ads will only appear when people search for words or phrases that are relevant to your service. With proper keyword selection, you can have confidence that your ads are only showing up for the people who are actually searching for addiction recovery services.

3) Match Your Budget

Another great benefit of PPC campaigns is that they allow you to maintain total control of your budget. You don’t pay anything for your ads to show up in a users’ search results—rather, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Per-click costs can help you decide which keywords you want to target so you can maximize your budget.

In addition, PPC marketing platforms allow you to set budget caps on your daily spending, ensuring that you never spend more than you can afford on your digital marketing. Once you’ve maxed out your budget for the day, your ads will no longer be displayed to potential audience members so you can keep your spending in check.

4) Marketing Integration

PPC doesn’t just work for itself—it can also serve as a great resource for guiding the rest of your digital marketing strategy. For example, many addiction recovery centers invest in content marketing to highlight their services and expertise. PPC campaigns can work in conjunction with your content marketing by bringing visitors directly to that content, subsequently improving its ROI.

Many businesses even use their PPC marketing as a way to test which keywords, headlines, or ad copy will perform best for their other marketing campaigns. For example, you could use PPC results to determine which keywords you should focus on for your SEO efforts. Or you could A/B test different headlines that you plan on using in a print campaign to see which delivers a higher conversion rate.

When used properly, PPC can ultimately boost all of your marketing efforts.

5) Measured and Tracked

Of course, we can’t talk about how PPC can potentially improve the rest of your marketing results without discussing how this is possible: through impressive measurement and tracking tools. Google AdWords provides a wealth of information regarding the performance of your keywords. Impressions, clicks and conversions are all recorded with precision, giving you a clear picture of what’s working and what isn’t.

These statistics allow you to gain valuable insights and implement needed changes so you can make the most of your PPC budget. Whether you need to use more negative keywords or put more of your budget into a high-performing keyword set, PPC’s impressive measuring and tracking options will allow you to constantly improve your efforts.

6) Reach

While targeting your PPC ads is necessary to limit the number of people who are exposed to your content, there’s no denying the incredible reach offered by Google and other search engines.

Think about it. How many people will realistically see a bus stop poster? Or a newspaper ad? With PPC advertising, you have access to thousands of people in your area who would otherwise never discover your recovery center or its associated marketing materials.

Even more importantly, with the targeting and keyword options provided by Google, you can ensure that you are reaching a relevant audience who is actually interested in what you have to say. PPC gives you the means to find the people who are going to benefit from what you have to offer, whether they live near or far.

7) Achieving Goals

At the end of the day, your ultimate goal as an addiction recovery center is to help individuals in need overcome their harmful habits. By providing the appropriate resources to help them fight addiction, you can restore broken families, help individuals find healthy ways to handle their daily struggles, and literally save lives.

PPC is one of your best avenues for achieving this goal. By placing compelling messages in front of addicted individuals and their families, the people who need your help are more likely to discover what you have to offer. They’re more likely to click on your website and read about your services. If the rest of your digital content holds up by providing engaging and persuasive information, this makes them far more likely to call for more information or come to your center so they can get the help they need.


While entering the world of PPC may seem daunting at first, there’s no denying it can have an incredible impact on your recovery center’s marketing efforts. By providing the ability to reach your exact target audience quickly and effectively, PPC campaigns will help you get new clients through the door while maximizing your marketing budget.

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