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7 Tips for Nonprofit Facebook Marketing

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Whether representing children, whales, monkeys or minority groups, all nonprofits have at least one element in common: They spend their resources on their causes. That doesn’t often leave much left over for marketing purposes. Luckily, online advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach a broad audience.

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Facebook is one of the most effective platforms on which to advertise, but many nonprofit administrators struggle with its many intricacies at first. Read on for seven tips regarding nonprofit marketing on Facebook.

1. Create a Facebook Page

The first step to any advertising endeavor on Facebook is creating a page for the product or business. GuideStar Blog reminds readers of the importance of attaching an image and brand to the nonprofit. Creating a page for the cause is a great way to establish what the cause stands for, as well as what kind of help administrators are seeking.

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2. Make the Page Unique

When it comes to nonprofit marketing on Facebook, creating a page isn’t enough. It’s important that your nonprofit group stands out from all the others, so make the page as unique as you can. Posting vivid photographs, succinct descriptions and general goals are all great ways to make the page stand out from the pack and attract more clicks.

3. Stay Active

InsideFacebook reminds readers that users get as much out of Facebook as they put into it. This means creating a unique page for a nonprofit isn’t enough. After publishing a page, the challenge of gaining followers arises. The best way to gain followers is by remaining active on Facebook and posting frequently.

Posting about events, upcoming fundraisers, meetings and other activities are all great ways to remind followers that the nonprofit is continuously striving to help its cause.

4. Respond to Followers

Most nonprofits don’t have the resources to organize event after event. While posting about upcoming events is a great way to gain people’s attention, it’s not going to keep their attention if that’s all administrators post about; however, there is another way to keep the page engaging and insightful.

Responding to followers is one of the easiest ways to keep an active page buzzing with activity. It may not seem like outright advertising, but as far as nonprofit Facebook marketing goes, it’s one of the best ways to reach followers and gain their support. The process is simple: Whenever a follower posts a comment or question on the page, administrators respond by either answering their inquiry or letting them know they appreciate the comment.

5. Create an Interactive Game or Quiz

It’s no secret that people love wasting time on Facebook, and creating an interactive quiz or game is a great way to reach more users. It’s important to post new and engaging ways to connect with followers on a regular basis””even responding to their comments is going to get boring after a while.

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By creating and posting quizzes, followers get the chance to participate and have their voices heard. Quizzes are also a great way to gain more followers, because users are likely to post their results and encourage their friends to join in the fun.

6. Include Donation Boxes

Even if a nonprofit page has all of the above, an engaging page is only going to take the organization so far. Successful Facebook advertising pages include how and where followers can contribute. Be sure to include a donation box or a link to the store on the nonprofit’s page to make it incredibly easy for users to purchase merchandise or donate money.

7. Post Footage From Behind the Scenes for the Most Effective Nonprofit Marketing on Facebook

People love being part of something bigger than themselves””that’s why major sports leagues like the NFL, NBA and MLB are so popular in America. While some may feel satisfied with making a regular donation, most want to see how their time or money actually helps. Nonprofit advertising efforts that include behind-the-scenes footage of the organization at work are a great way to satisfy the desires of followers.

This might include write-ups, photographs or videos detailing how the organization uses its funds and what kind of changes they’re able to make with them. This method also makes the page unique, as well as active and engaging, effectively checking several items above off this list.

Thanks to social media sites like Facebook, nonprofit advertising has never been easier. However, there are other aspects of improving an organization’s virtual presence that can be challenging. For help with web design, search engine optimization or Internet marketing, call us today at 480-200-2999.

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