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Get on top of search results to connect with people researching your field.

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Generate awareness and increase calls for your company.

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Communicate with more people to help grow your business.

If it isn’t on Google’s first page, it doesn’t exist.

Getting the right PPC Agency for your business is a shortcut to success that is available to those that are looking for a quick way to get onto Google’s first page. With Digimar’s Adwords Agency, websites can now maximize the use of PPC to its fullest potential.

What is a Pay per Click or PPC Campaign?

Pay per Click is an internet marketing model where advertisers pay each time their ad is clicked. This results in increased site traffic to one’s website. Advertisers that want to go above and beyond organic site visitors can simply rely on PPC to get paid site visits.

With Digimar’s dedicated adwords agency, businesses can boost the results of their return on each ad spend to enjoy a more profitable venture. Our PPC Campaigns help drive more leads for a business to increase revenue for a company.

Keyword Dedicated Campaigns

As a premier AdWords agency, we know the value of getting to the top top of the Google search page when it comes to your main keyword. After all, it’s how you rank for your main keyword that matters.

Our keyword-dedicated campaign is geared towards making sure that your main and related keywords are ranking for Google searches. Compared to other AdWords agencies, we work on maintaining the lowest cost-per-click associated with each keyword. We can also help you find long-tail keywords that may benefit the business even more.

Digimar’s PPC Agency will help clients save on precious time while we take care of the heavy lifting for you. You get the most premium advertising spots at a minimal cost.

Landing Page and Conversion Rates

When you get the customer to land on your page, it is vital to have the best landing page.

No worries.

Digimar Adwords Agency has got your back.

Our agency also is able to create your landing page so that your customers will stay on your page for a higher chance of a conversion.

The landing page that we create consists of images that compel your readers to stay on your page. We make a minimalist version of your webpage to limit distractions and keep the focus of your leads on the page. This leads to a higher conversion rate and a better Google Quality Score for Google Analytics.

Your landing page improves the result of your PPC Campaign by being able to track visits and find out how you can improve on your ads. This can also help lower the cost-per-click and improves the click-through rate of the ads.

Everything you need to know about PPC AdWords Agency Process

Give Us A Call

Step 1 - Getting Started

The client discusses and sets the budget for the campaign. We discuss the desired results from the campaign and how we can help them reach their goals. The client also chooses other add-on services that they wish to use.

Step 2 - Setting Up the PPC Campaign

Once the terms of the contract are set, we get down to business. We map out a course of action for our clients. This includes thorough research on how we can help build a strong campaign for our clients based on the industry of the business. We also work on keyword research and content creation. Our team also helps to build the landing page for maximum optimization of PPC potential.

This phase ends once the client has approved our pitch for their campaign.

Step 3 - Campaign Launching

When the client gives the go-signal to begin with the discussed plan, we can now launch the project. We begin rolling out the ads and begin monitoring the results from the campaign. With the campaign in full blast, we make sure that the ads are reaching interested parties and that the PPC Campaign is reaching its full potential.

Step 4 - Campaign Monitoring

The PPC Campaign produces the best result when it is done with consistency. Our team goes above and beyond to make sure that we track the results of the campaign. Each campaign is assigned a campaign manager to maintain the focus on the project that will ultimately result in the success of the project.

DigiMar Best PPC Adwords Agency in Memphis – FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much should I spend on my PPC Campaign

While there is no minimum amount required to spend on your campaign, we would recommend that you spend at least $1,000 to feel the benefits of PPC marketing.

Can I suggest some input for the campaign

When it comes to your campaign, you can be as involved as you want. We will appreciate any input that you have to improve on the campaign, but you can also choose to leave the work in our hands.

When do I get the report for the project

Our clients receive a weekly and monthly report from their campaign manager. Moreover, you will have access to a dashboard where clients can monitor the results of the ad campaign. You will also have complete access to the Google account so you can be able to see the campaign results from your end.

What are the other products and services of DigiMar

Apart from being an AdWords agency, DigiMar also offers a variety of digital marketing services that help our clients improve their website. Click this link to find out more about our range of digital marketing services.