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Get on top of search results to connect with people researching your field.

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Generate awareness and increase calls for your company.

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Communicate with more people to help grow your business.

If it isn’t on Google’s first page, it doesn’t exist.

Adwords companies help advertisers to increase their reach through paid advertisements on Google that could lead to a higher conversion rate.

In order to grow a website, advertisers can seek the help of reliable digital marketing agencies like Digimar. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to produce lead-generating marketing strategies with an optimum conversion rate.

Google Ads Management

Google Ads Management

Creating a Google AdWords account may appear easy.
However, building the Adwords account and managing the account is an entirely different story.
You don’t have to bear that burden alone.
Digimar can help you maximize the potential of your Google AdWords campaign. We can help build a successful campaign that puts your business on top of search engines.
With our help, clients can be able to save on time and effort as they build their Google AdWords account. The client can be as involved as they like during the process, but the clients can choose to leave the work in our hands and watch as their site traffic begins to increase.

Campaign Development

Digimar’s Adwords Campaign is centered on providing value for each Google PPC ad. Our campaign aims to deliver lead-generating strategies that produce consistent money-making opportunities.
We begin with a PPC Audit and Consultation where clients work hand-in-hand with a qualified Adwords specialist that offers a wide range of solutions.

Campaign Development
Keyword Research

Keyword Research

We understand the importance of keywords when it comes to ranking on Google.
It is even more important if you invest in a pay-per-click campaign.
With the right Adwords company, clients can get the best value for their money for a Google Adwords campaign.
Digimar’s Keyword Management team assigns a campaign manager for each project. This campaign manager is the one that researches the right keywords to use for PPC advertisements and stays on top of your campaign.
We put value into making sure that we only use the most relevant keywords, whether long tail or short tail keywords, that support further growth and optimization of the webpage. When the keyword is highly focused, the cost per click can reach its full potential.

Landing Page Design and Development

Landing pages are associated with a higher conversion rate.
Sure, there might be an increase in traffic on your page since you are on top of the Google search results.
However, how do visitors stay on your website and convert to leads?
One way to get clients to stay on the website is by making sure that the page that they land on only contains the most basic details that they need. The landing page design should also be well suited for the target audience of the niche to keep the clients engaged.

Landing Page Design and Development
Competitor Campaign Analysis

Competitor Campaign Analysis

Google PPC bidding is a competitive market that may scare business owners without a reliable Adwords company as their partner in building their campaign.

In line with this, Digimar has also introduced a competitor campaign analysis report with each campaign that they launch. This will help the clients know how their competition is doing in terms of their digital marketing campaign. It gives them the upper hand when it comes to making decisions that can help their digital business progress.

Apart from the competitor campaign analysis report, we also provide a monthly report on the performance of your PPC ads. This will help you track the progress and improvement of your campaigns.

We make sure that we are completely transparent with you when it comes to the performance of the PPC Campaign, which is why you are given complete access to the report that is prepared by your campaign manager.

Our promise – a constant and clear report that works to constantly improve your campaign and puts you above the competition.

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DigiMar Best PPC Adwords Company in Memphis – FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much is your rate?

Our rates depend on which package you would like. You can send us a message and ask us for a quote on our packages.

What type of companies do you work with?

We work with all sorts of companies, but we don’t accept niches that are against Google’s advertising policy.

Is there a minimum term for a PPC Project?

While we don’t necessarily have a minimum term for a PPC Project, we encourage our clients to allow 3 months for the campaign in order to get the best results.

What are the other products and services of Digimar?

Apart from being a premier adwords company, Digimar also offers a variety of digital marketing services that help our clients improve their website. Click this link to find out more about our range of digital marketing services that you can consider.