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Google AdWords (Ads) Expert

Are you looking to hire a Google Adwords (Ads) expert? You are in for a treat because Digimar, the leading AdWords Expert, is offering expert services to help clients improve their Google Ads.

Google AdWords Ads Expert

Why Do I Need to Hire an Adwords Expert?

Digimar Google AdWords Ads Experts provide a Time-Saving and Cost-Efficient Solution

Our Google AdWords (Ads) Experts provide a Time-Saving and Cost-Efficient Solution

Do you want to spend hours and hours on managing your PPC campaign?

My instinct tells me that your answer is NO.

Between running a business and your daily life, your Google Ads should be the least of your concerns.

Creating, building, maintaining, and monitoring your Google AdWords account is time-consuming. This can be a bit overwhelming. There is also the need to adapt to the constant changes adopted by the paid search advertising industry.

In addition to this, the best PPC expert would know where to spend the money. AdWords experts would know when to amplify the ad or when to pause the ad. They know when to re-analyze the data being given to improve on the Google ads. A Google Ads campaign manager will help the client maximize their cost-per-click.

DigiMar Google AdWords (Ads) Experts Provide Measurable Results

Google Ads Experts create a campaign with a specific goal. With this specific goal, there are results that can be measured through a specified metric. First, it can be measured with the number of impressions on each ad. This is indicative of how the ad is performing based on the search queries.

Another way to measure the performance of the ad is through the CTR or Click Through Rate. The formula for the CTR is clicks ÷ impressions. This displays the ratio of how many people end up clicking the ad. This is indicative of whether the ad is showing up for searchers or if the Google ad is at a standstill.

Another way to determine the result of your Google Ads campaign is the CPC or Cost Per Click. CPC indicates how much the client pays per click. The lower the CPC, the more productive the ad is. It also gives a feel for the interest placed by the readers on your page. Google also assigns a Google Quality Score for each ad to signify the relevance of the advertisement to the target audience.

Digimar Google AdWords Ads Experts Provide Measurable Results
Digimar Google AdWords Ads Experts Target the Right Keywords to Increase Qualified Traffic

DigiMar Google AdWords Experts Target the Right Keywords to Increase Qualified Traffic

Your target audience knows what they’re looking for.
As they go through their search, will they be able to find you?
You may have the best-looking website in the world, but it doesn’t matter if you can’t be found.
How can you be found?
Use the RIGHT KEYWORDS for their search.
It is important to create a campaign that uses the right long-tail and short-tail keywords that can help attract more leads and generate more income.
The more readers that can find your page, the higher the traffic that leads to your website. The increased site traffic could also lead to a higher conversion rate.

DigiMar Google AdWords (Ads) Experts Monitor the Performance of your Ad

Digimar’s Campaign Managers are PPC Experts that can help you track the results of each ad. Since the result of the Google Ads campaign is measurable and specific, it is easier to monitor if the ad is performing well.
For each project, campaign managers will be sending monthly monitoring that can help clients oversee the result of their ads. Moreover, they will also be given full access to their Google Ads account to ensure complete transparency.

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Digimar Google AdWords Ads Experts Monitor the Performance of your Ad

DigiMar Adwords Expert in Memphis – FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Google AdWords Specialist?

A Google AdWords Specialist is an expert in Pay Per Click campaigns. They work to set up, build, manage, and monitor a client’s PPC advertising campaign. A certified Google Ads Expert is someone that helps maximize the Cost per Click.

What is the cost of using Google AdWords?

PPC Campaigns will only cost the advertiser if the readers click on the site. Normally, the cost per click will be $0.50 to $3.00. With the help of a PPC Expert, the CPC can be reduced to a minimum.

How much is DigiMar’s Management Fee?

DigiMar Adwords Expert charges a flat monthly fee, which is separate from the PPC Budget. In terms of ad spend, DigiMar has no minimum ad spend and there is no minimum term per ad.

What are the other products and services of DigiMar?

DigiMar offers a variety of digital marketing services that help our clients improve their website. Click this link to find out more about our range of digital marketing services that you can consider.