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Best Google AdWords (Ads) Service

Google Adwords is a competitive market as many businesses know the importance of increasing visibility when it comes to search engines.
However, you can rise above with the help of the best Adwords service agency on the market today.

Enter Digimar AdWords Service.

The AdWords Service that helps you generate more leads and increases your conversion rate with the help of reliable, personalized, and competent practices that produce guaranteed results in the quickest possible time.

Digimar - Best Google Ads Adwords Service

Digimar’s AdWords Services

AdWords is an advertising campaign offered by Google to businesses that wish to become more visible in various Google networks through the use of keywords.
At Digimar, we employ proven strategies and practices that generate the best value for money using cost-effective methods. Our services help drive more traffic to the client’s website through the use of the right keywords. Each project is assigned a campaign manager that provides periodic reports that keep the client updated with the progress of the campaign.
We can assist you in implementing a new campaign or adjust an old campaign that needs fixing.

Google Ads

Google Ads

Google ads is an advertising option that is available to businesses with the use of a Google AdWords account. There are various types of Google Ads services available, where advertisers participate in a Google Ads Auction for certain keywords.

A. Search Ads

Search ads are the ad placement on Google’s search engine results page. Businesses will pay for a prime spot on page one. With the increased visibility on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or other search engines, businesses can expect an increase in their leads. In turn, this can result in a higher conversion rate with minimal cost that will be paid with each click.

This ad placement is determined through a Google auction. With the auction, advertisers can bid on their preferred keyword. However, the ad’s rank will be determined by a formula that is set by Google. Normally, the higher the Quality Score, the higher the ad ranks of the page.
Digimar’s AdWords Services are strengthened by their expertise in keyword research that converts.

Search Ads
Display Ads

B. Display Ads

Apart from the search engine ads, advertisers can also pay for a spot ad on some of Google’s partner sites. Google’s Display ads are displayed on the frequently visited websites of target users. With the right images for the advertisement, it is easier to attract the attention of potential leads and clients.
Digimar’s Display Ads guarantee making the right choices for ad placement and audience targeting.

C. Video Ads

In this day and age, content is key.
Youtube ads are the least explored option among the three options mentioned. However, it has a wider reach since everyone watches video content now. Video ads are able to provide a platform to reach a more specific target audience at a fraction of the PPC Cost.
Digimar’s Video ads help create compelling videos that leave an impression on the audience.

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Video Ads

Landing Page Design

The landing page is where the site visitors will decide if they wish to stay on your page or not. This is why the design of a landing page is important when it comes to converting your leads. The more streamlined a landing page, the better it is for the site visitors.

Digimar’s Landing Page Design Team aids in creating a landing page that makes your readers stay on your page longer.

Landing Page Design
Monthly Reporting and 24/7 Monitoring

Monthly Reporting and 24 X 7 Monitoring

Digimar promises complete transparency with our clients. We provide them with a monthly report that details the progress of each campaign. We keep our clients updated and in the know, but we also make sure that they have complete access to their accounts to ensure total transparency.

Frequently Asked Questions – Digimar Adwords Service

How much do you charge for AdWords Services?

We charge a flat rate for our management fee. We do not have any hidden charges for our services. However, the Google AdWords payment is a different budget and it is separate from the management fee. It is also nonrefundable.

Can I be involved in the creative process?

You can be as involved as you wish during the entire process, but each project comes with one campaign manager that will oversee the entire Google ads campaign.

This is exactly what my business needs. How do I get in touch with you?

You can send us an email You can also check the list of services of all our digital marketing services by clicking this link.