In this case study our client (a large luxury resort collective in multiple territories) conducted a PPC Cost Per Acquisition A/B split test between 2 territories over the course of a month. DigMar provided the PPC campaigns for California and the B test PPC consultant handled the campaigns for Florida.



The objective was to generate converted sales leads for potential customers booking resort stays and provide a high number of Converted Clicks for an overall lower Cost Per Acquisition.



By utilizing our experience customized bidding on keywords that accurately described the client’s resorts and the desired customer experience we would entice more potential customers to click through and convert to a lead for the client’s budget.



The results of this case study were abundantly clear.

Conversions v2

The B test PPC consultant generated only 1 conversion at $529.41 CPA out of 252 Clicks.


CPA v2

DigiMar generated 31 Conversions at $31.05 CPA out of 1347 Clicks.

If the B test had run with the same campaign setup as DigiMar it would have gained and additional 17 conversions for the same budget.



DigiMar demonstrated a clear understanding of the clients business, the consumer’s desires and the correct Keywords and PPC bidding to connect them both while maximizing Return On Investment.

We make clear wins for the client.

Find out what DigiMar can do for your PPC Advertising.

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