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Champions In Converting Clicks

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So, why do Facebook ads experts recommend FB/Instagram marketing?

So, why do Facebook ads experts recommend FB/Instagram marketing?

There is a lot of buzz around Facebook and Instagram being the latest marketplaces for online merchants. So, what makes them so special that you need to have your products associated with them?

Ask any Facebook advertising expert and his answer will be – TRAFFIC! Yes, a swarm of clicks, likes, shares, and posts on the respective sites are taking online businesses to greater heights.

If you don’t have your business subscribed to either of these social networks or you are new to them and want to make the best out of these platforms, you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s why DigiMar could be your best Facebook advertising consultant!

A. Increased Reach

A research conducted by Pew shows over 800Mn active users oo Instagram and 2Bn active users on Facebook. Every Instagram user spends approximately 20 minutes browsing photos and content on the app. An effective PPC campaign to reach the target audience is exactly what you need to convert your clicks into sales. Our Instagram Advertising team works exclusively to help improve your reach to your audience. So do our Facebook ads experts, who promote your products for improved brand awareness.


There is a constant surge in user enrolment on both Instagram and Facebook, and it’s growing day by day. That’s reason enough for brands to flock both these social networking sites. Growing user engagement opens a plethora of opportunities for merchants to promote their products. Our Facebook advertising services make your product look awesome and competitive for the user to click and convert!

Increased Reach
Traffic Generation

B. Traffic Generation

Facebook and Instagram are playgrounds for online merchants. The rising amount of subscribers on these social media platforms are POTENTIAL BUYERS who simply need to be diverted to your website. Our Facebook advertising services help you craft creative strategies to attract traffic. These include on-page and off-page actions that focus on the target audience looking for similar products on social sites. With DigiMar, there is always a possibility for increased traffic!

C. Lead Generation

Your awesome products blended with some effective PPC strategies by our Facebook ads expert team is a sure shot recipe for Quality Lead Generation. A proper content strategy works well with Facebook, whereas visually appealing ad images create a meaningful impact on Instagram users. Running your PPC campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram with tailor-made strategies method can seal the deal for you.

Lead Generation
Placing your bet

Placing your bet

You just need a Facebook ad manager account to manage both your Facebook and Instagram accounts. Unique and catchy content for Facebook and visually attractive ad posts for Instagram is an awesome bet that can help convert your clicks into leads.

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