So you’re faced with the most tricky task of creating Google Analytics goals to track success on a client’s website.  You head into Google Analytics Admin Pannel and begin creating the new goal to find that the form doesn’t submit to a destination thank you page.  At this point, you will need to create a custom event trigger to fire in Google Tag Manager on form submission.  Below are tips on how to set up a custom Google Tag Manager events partnered with a Google Analytics conversion goal in order to measure conversions without a static thank you page.

Creating Google Tag Manager Events

Step #1

Create A Form Submission Trigger:

google-tag-manager-form-submissionNavigate to new trigger and select Form Submission.  If you only have one form on your website you can simply select ‘All Forms’ and be sure to Save.

Step #2

Create A Form Submission Tag

google-tag-manager-form-submissionNavigate to Tags and create new choosing ‘Universal Analytics’.  Retrieve your Tracking ID from you Google Analytics Admin Pannel along with the following fields:

Track Type: Event

Category: Forms

Action: Submit

Be sure to secondly choose the event trigger created in Step #1 to associate with this new tag.  Click to save this tag and publish both the new trigger and tag – at this point, your Google Tag Manager Events are now live on your website.

If you have more than one form on your website it is not always best practice to create the tag to fire on all form submissions. Please note that you will need to create form specific tags and triggers utilizing Form ID.

Once your tags and triggers are set up it may take up to 24 hours to see these new events in Google Analytics.  In Google Analytics navigate the left panel to Behavior > Events > Overview to see your custom events created.  Always test this a couple times initially to confirm set-up.


Step #3

Create Google Analytics Event Goal

You then need to create a Google Analytics goal in the admin pannel in order to count this new event as a true conversion.  Navigate the top navigation panel to Admin -> Goals.


Select create a custom goal and be sure to choose goal type – Event. Then place the event conditions the same as they were set up in Google Tag Manger.  Keep in mind Category and Action are mandatory – where label and value are optional.

Click ‘verify’ to be sure your goal is recording correctly (may take up to 24 hours). Once complete ‘Save’ your new goal.  You will now have access to view reporting under conversions.  One of our favorite tools to use here at Digimar is the Funnel Visualization tool as it shows direct conversion rates from all efforts.  To view the funnel select Conversions > Goals > Funnel Visualization.

Be sure to keep these helpful tips in mind when creating form submission event conversions. Contact us for help setting up your Google Tag Manager Events.

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