Breaking news, the current Google sidebar advertising landscape is changing.

The advertising world is in shock as Laser Cats have laid waste to Googles current desktop search advertising layout. Gone will be the current Google sidebar advertising as we know it leaving only the top 4 paid search advertisements.


Science Fiction one day, Science Fact the next!

This may seem like a surprise attack, but this has been covertly in development by Google’s lab coated eggheads since 2010 and has evolved into fully a self-aware search and destroy engine to take effect by February 22nd this year.

“Wait, what is this Google Sidebar and does it serve whiskey sours?”

Excellent question, it’s something most of us have taken for granted whenever we use google. The Sidebar area was previously displaying extra advertising  to the right of results. It will be soon be conspicuous in it’s absence and be replaced with Googles Knowledge panel, which contains additional business information for its top advertising results. Still not sure what it is?  That’s okay, we have gathered some before and after footage to illustrate this change.

lasercat sidebar txt

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Competition for those top 4 spots will now be a Thunderdome type experience for advertisers. The days of multiple paid advertisements within the side bar and first page are numbered. Your businesses odds of coming out on top will depend heavily on how well you leverage your paid search experts.


Except now 2 men enter, then another 2 men enter and then everyone else leaves.

Only the strongest top 4 ad results will stand above the rest. This will put a laser like focus on services and products directly to the consumer.

This is not a time for defeat, nor is it a time for sorrow, because through this crucible your advertising will rise up and achieve greatness! Also it puts more emphasis on our fantastic Search Engine Optimization services we can put in place to get those results organically over time.

If there was ever a time your business needed to have the most relevant SEO, keywords, ad copy and landing pages to increase the ranking on Google Adwords, that time is now!


The Crazy Cat Lady Strikes back

Contact DigiMar PPC consultants today to strike back against those sidebar destroying Laser Cats and lay claim to your businesses rightful place at the top of the search results.

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