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Building out a PPC keyword list for your new campaigns may not be the most exciting part of your day, but it is one of the single most important things you can do when creating a new campaign. This is the basis for which search queries will trigger your ads, meaning this is what your audience will see and it’s where the magic happens. If you too want to build campaigns like our PPC experts, read on!

In this series I’ll go over the basics of what makes a great campaign.

4. Knowing is Half the Battle


Knowing which words will best describe the campaign can take some research if you do not have a clear list of products to go off of. Here is where you can bust out your Google Keyword planner skills. You can set a topic or a webpage for the planner to harvest relevant keywords and rank accordingly to their search frequency. Something that is especially helpful if you are looking for popular keywords to use on a related subject is to pop in the Wikipedia page for the subject (if it exists) to discover further possible keywords.

3. Birds of Feather Flock Together


Once you have the keywords picked out, you want to group them together in ad groups. The ideal ad group will have words which are closely related. Each ad group could / should have unique copy which relates to the keywords in it. Give it your best shot, you can always change the keywords in an ad group later.

2. Dealing with Negativity


Knowing the difference could save your life!

Next you will want to make sure you have added any necessary negative keywords. Namely terms that are related to that word but have nothing to do with your content. This can be a costly mistake to not include. Like the time my Pottery Convention was ruined by several thousand Harry Potter cosplayers. So it would have been better for me to have used –Harry Potter –J.K. Rowling –Wizard –Hogwarts
To identify negative keywords in your campaign we will want to check the first couple pages of Google search results for your main keywords. We want to check for ones that do not match your campaigns content. Clicks from queries unrelated to your products will cost you money and negatively affect your ability to optimize later.

1. PPC Keyword worth & Long Tails

Is this even a cat? I don't know.

Is this even a cat? I don’t know.

Another great part of using Google Keyword tool is being able to check the search frequency and the overall “worth” of a set of keywords and how fierce the competition for them is.
A type of PPC keyword that can be helpful in researching are “long tail Keywords” these ones might not be the most frequently used but over time their specificity is helpful to your campaigns long term results. So instead of using “Cats” you might have for a long tail PPC Keyword “Fluffy Long Tailed Cats”.

So now you have some basic tips on how to gather some keywords. Whether you are an in-house marketer or a nonprofit PPC agency following these steps will ensure you build an awesome campaign.
Join me next time for more PPC basics!

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