Just like a light dusting of fake snow on the Christmas tree that warms your heart, writing great PPC ad copy is the fairy dust that breathes life into the body of an advertising campaign. If you need a hand the ninja elves at DigiMar know all about writing great PPC Ad Copy.


Me before learning to write ad copy like John McClane.

Knowing a campaign needs some great writing is one thing, translating that into great PPC ad copy is more of a challenge.
The skill involved with writing, especially good writing shouldn’t be underestimated.
“I’m just as good of a writer as the next guy, I just wrote something on that napkin, see? It’s not so hard. I don’t see what all the fuss is about.” Says one of Santa’s little henchmen I before overpower him and duct tape him to a chair.
He’s not wrong you know, anyone can write, it’s not a mystic art taught by ninja elves. (As far as we are at liberty to say anyway.)

However, writing effectively to communicate content clearly in as few words as possible takes experience and effort. Edits, revisions, reading the same sentences over until they lose all meaning, tears, crushed hopes and dreams along the way, are just an average day in the life of a copywriter. Writing great PPC ad copy is even more restrictive, you have 25 characters for a headline and 2 lines of 35 characters in the description. Although this might seem like reading War and Peace in a world using “Lol Idk, NVM, jks ;p” as its primary form of communication.

Both the art and skill of writing is something you can work on but what we are covering here are some technical tips on writing great PPC ad copy.

Sneak Through Some Vents


This wasn’t what I had in mind when I said “I needed to vent”

Like every smart action hero, do some recon first, put together a battle plan. You have to use your wits against their superior numbers.
Give some thought to what your competition are doing and what differentiates your services from theirs. There’s a good chance your ads will be appearing side by side and if they are offering the lowest prices, write yours to be extolling the highest levels of customer service. Low prices aren’t always the prime motivator in peoples buying decisions. A little forethought will have you swinging off a skyscraper tied to a fire-hose in no time.

Use Keywords to Sleigh the competition

This publicity photo released by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment shows Bruce Willis in a scene from the 1988 film, "Die Hard." The "Die Hard" 25th Anniversary Collection Blu-ray released on Jan. 25, 2013. (AP Photo/Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment)

All he needs now is a chimney

Think about the PPC keyword build out tips from last session, we want to make sure it’s targeted as close as possible to what people are searching for.
“Buy Used Sleighs Here” In only 21 characters we have let the buyer know they can purchase a sleigh, it’s used and they can get it here. Try imagine the person searching for the product or service and use the most likely associated search terms they might use. Maybe try out some long tailed keywords that are very specific to capture some of the traffic the competition is missing.

Writing Great PPC ad Copy when outnumbered


Too late for this Christmas? Awesome never goes out of season

Next we want to show some of the value clicking on our PPC advert will bring.
For description line 1 we will hit them with what additional information will get people interested in our ad. Pro tip, whenever possible use the addition of a full stop within your 35 character limit. This will pop it into bold type and increase its visual importance.
12 Reindeer Power Models Available. 35 characters. Here we let customers know we have some great models in stock.

Next we have description line 2, this just adds further supporting information for your ad.

40% Off, Free Chimney Delivery. 31 characters. This highlights what our client can offer to seal the deal. Sometimes the description line 2 might be sacrificed due to the way the advert is formatted so if your savings, free delivery or No Tax on items is a higher priority this can be interchanged with line 1.

Now I have alternative Ad Copy. Ho ho ho

Just like Christmas with John McClane, don’t be afraid to improvise.
You can always have an A / B test going with your PPC descriptions to see which ones peak the audience’s attention the most. Have content that caters to different types of buyers, huge sales for the bargain hunters, limited time offers for the procrastinators and 24/7 support with 100% customer satisfaction for the cautious buyers. You can keep an eye on the different ad copy to see how they are tracking over time to pick a winner. Remember even John McClane needed a buddy to give him some advice, likewise DigiMar are PPC experts and here to help.

Yippie Kai ayyy LMAO

We like to think we know what people want from an advert, sometimes to get that conversion it needs to be a little less milk and cookies and a little more 100 proof eggnog. But not so much you get drunk on your own literary power or accidents can happen.
For example.

  • Gruber Funeral Services
  • Our Prices Are Grave Robbery.
  • Fall into a plot that suits you!

Just in case you were in doubt this is an example of what not to write. Always remember to pick the right language for the audience you are targeting and we want to make sure the overall tone is consistent with what we are selling. If in doubt get some more eyes on it, they might see something you missed.
Now we have some solid keyword related headlines, some descriptive line 1 and 2 text and a couple of spares to alternate with. You should now be feeling like you just saved the day.


Me after writing great ad copy like John McClane

So with all this in mind it’s good to remember the true meaning of Christmas, Spending just enough time with your loved ones for them to remain your loved ones, trying to express your profound sense of understanding to a person with the gift of a scented candle, and a general sense of goodwill to all men, except for that jolly maniac with an army of trained supernatural creatures at his beck and call, he’s a jerk. I’m still waiting for that bike I wanted when I was 10.

So that concludes the story of how I saved Christmas by writing great PPC Ad Copy the John McClane way. Now you too can be the hero!
Now if you excuse me I have some presents to deliver.

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