Last post we looked at how Pay Per Click advertising worked, here we look at which of the Google Ad Networks to use and when. There are a bunch of different areas to choose from and it’s easy to get lost. So which to choose?


I think I just walked into an impressionist art film about furniture

Each part of Google Ad Networks is like a suburb in the city that is the internet. Like suburbs they have their own character, pros, cons, upmarket areas and bad parts of town. Much like buying a house in an area to live in (for most of us anyway) we can only choose one at a time. The same is true for advertising networks as they all have slightly different audiences an approaches to how they work. How do we best use them to reach our audience in the most effective way? We are familiar with Google Ad Networks and are happy to help.

The Google Search Network

Just Google it seems to be the number 1 solution to most problems. You can be assured you will find what you are looking for somewhere. Answers for “where is the best place to eat Tibetan food near me” to “who was that guy in that movie that time” and “why does it burn when I pee?”. The Google Search Network is the go to suburb of Internet town. If a little rough round the edges at times.


“Psst. Hey Bro, want to buy a watch?”

It has a great network of highways and public transport to move around quickly and efficiently. So much variety, so much potential. It also works within your budget, you can tack on an extension or 2 if you need to and the clubs are open 24/7. The only problem is it’s not the prettiest place to live, you may have drunks pissing on your doorstep and honestly it’s a little drab. The area is getting gradually gentrified however and the content becoming more refined.


“Psst. Hey Bro want to buy some boutique Christmas Trees?”

Just like SoHo it’s a great place to start with for advertising your business or services before moving into Main Street. If you have a business that can only serve customers at particular times of day from a limited area then this is the network for you. You can ensure people only see your ads when your business is open within your set location. It won’t be the flashiest way for your customers to find you but it is the most practical location.

The Google Display Network


Haha, made you look, It says “PENNIES”

Bright lights, big city, neon signs and questionable choices. Welcome to the Display Network. If you are about making a visual impression with your brand and making a big statement then this is the place to be. Although very striking, it may lack some of the depth that the Search Network gives. This is the land of taking advantage of the distractions that brought people to this part of town in the first place.


The street performers are great in this part of town

Perhaps they were watching some YouTube reviews on the latest flat panel TV and up pops the equivalent of Vegas animated signs beckoning them to check out their huge clearance sale. The more eye catching and vibrant the better. Up to a point. Just like in real life the main problem is with all that visual noise people tend to tune out and skip it.However you can fine tune it to the interests of those visiting your neighbor’s which is very convenient. Being in harmony with your neighbor’s pink lawn flamingos is quite important.

The Google Shopping Network


“Ahhhhh, here take all my money, just leave my soul intact!”

This is just like going to the mall, lots of products to choose from and countless stores to visit. It’s busy here, which is good if you are selling a product, not so good if you are competing with the likes of Amazon or EBay. It will also try find the cheapest price and the best match for your product when people search for it.  Also to take advantage of your product being profiled you may need it already listed on another shopping site as a gateway. This is the part of town primarily for products so you’ll need to go back to the Google Search Network part of town for Services. Although consumer trust might not quite be there yet with many still relying on other online price aggregators such as and it is quickly maturing.


“Psst. I say good fellow, care to peruse our wares?”

So finding the right spot for your business on the internet can be a challenge as they all require a different attitude to prosper in.  It all comes down to what environment you want for your brand or products. With a real estate shoppers mind-set you will find your businesses dream location in Google Ad Networks that ticks all the boxes.

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